The 'Smiths
No dogs at shows!
Star Maps Map
"One Note" cassette
Bridgetown Records
A cultural guide to St John's, NL and surrounding area
A mostly complete walking tour guide to St John's, NL
The Complete Unabridged Undergraduate Class Notes Doodles Collection, Vols. I-III
Zine Diego
CiTR Pop Alliance LP!
Michael Cera & Jesse Eisenberg
Ben Kingsley & Patrick Stewart
Baseball in China
LCD Display
PIN Number
ATM Machine
All Ages
International Edition
Californian Edition
Mental and Physical Glasnost
Do you talk about the band Aerosmith so much that you often just refer to them as The 'Smiths?
There may be no rules that say that a dog can't play football, soccer, basketball, volleyball or baseball, but there is a rule that says that dogs can't come to shows. The loud noise hurts their ears. The official shirt of the band 'Coach Longlegs'.
A very large, two colour screen printed map giving the locations of street vendors of maps giving the locations of homes owned by the stars in Beverly Hills, CA, USA.
Simply put, this is a mixtape of songs with one note guitar solos, just the guitar solos. Part tribute to internet message boards, part tribute to the boredom of record collecting, part tribute to the limits of turntablism, this cassette represents the culmination of a 10 year journey of self-discovery.
The second chapter in a sincere yet pretty stupid attempt to express a deep love for a place: St John's, Newfoundland.
Although it may appear to be mainly a joke, this zine gives a shockingly accurate account of what it means to live, breath, love and die in St John's, Newfoundland.
This collection brings together every single doodle I made in my class notes between the years 2000-2004 (I took no notes therefore made no doodles in 2005). Over the 6 years following the completion of my degree, I carefully removed, annotated and collated this three volume set that captures the mind of a young man learning physics and math.
My first "photo zine". What have I become? However, in an attempt to stay true to my roots, I made this using work sponsored office supplies on a very low quality printer.
My most controversial work graces the cover of the wonderful CiTR Pop Alliance compilation, released by Mint Records (home of CUB!) and benefiting CiTR 101.9FM, the campus/community radio station at the University of British Columbia. Features my amateurish attempts at hero worship! Nardwuar! Tim Hecker! Gerry Rattlehead! Cub! Christa Min! Dan Bejar! Joey Shithead!
My second attempt at revelling in the confusion of popular culture. I confused these two typecast actors, was promptly ridiculed and, upon realizing that my brain had compiled these two people into a single person, morned the loss of that blissfully synthetic and magically ignorant world by printing this shirt.
For almost 20 years I believed that the same Shakespearean actor that played Gandhi and the super scary guy in Sexy Beast was also responsible for the interminably inspiring interpretation of the Captain Jean-Luc Picard character. Turns out they were two different Shakespearean actors.
In 2008, the San Diego Padres met the Los Angeles Dodgers for a two game preseason series in China, under the guise of Major League Baseball. Here, the moment is forever commemorated. A poorly rendered likeness of Shaquille O'Niel, the greatest athlete from the U.S.A. has joined forces with Yao Ming, the greatest athlete from the P.R.C. and have proudly displayed their physical domination by winning the World Series of Baseball.
Our first non-banking related jab at the evolving nature of colloquial language is the third in this series of mildly annoying collaborative prints. Click through to see the "joke explained" version! Also note that we didn't bother printing this on a T-shirt since PIN Number and ATM Machine have barely sold.
The continuing foray into the realm of mum jokes produced this second collaboration between Emily and I. She plugs her ears when she hears the sound of chewing so although we're claiming these to be jokey funny haha prints, they're really fueled by a raging fire inside her.
Emily Beliveau (of "The Diskettes") and myself hung out for six super intense days in 2010 in order to make new memories to replace the old ones. This collaborative shirt/paper print was part of that effort (and, in fact, the joke itself is an old one). Part 1 of a 49 part series.
Legendary rapper/actor Ice-T joins legendary actor/food vendor Paul Newman and legendary golfer/architect Arnold Palmer in modest celebration of the most refreshing non-alcoholic drink of all time: The Arnold Palmer.
More real than the road under your feet is the wind in your hair. Imagine the future with nothing but boats propelled by the most natural force on this island earth, global scale thermodynamics.
Herein lies the many secrets of poster sales that occur on a daily basis at college and university campuses across the nation. Audrey Hepburn (have you seen her movies?) sports her nascent affection for Tony Montana, A.K.A. Scar Face A.K.A. Al Pacino, Academy Award winning, Emmy Award winning, three time Golden Globe winning, two time Tony Award winning and Teen Choice Award nominated actor.
Audrey Hepburn wearing an oversized T-shirt printed with the image of Al Pacino wearing a Los Angeles Raiders poncho. This is every significant feeling a man and/or a woman can have while living in Southern California.
Unblockade your mind and let the goods be shipped with a new and open clarity. Famous moderate handbag salesman, Mikhail Gorbachev, allows an un-Cuban-blockaded freighter to cross the furrowed seas of his brow, towards the shores of his unrelentingly open birthmark.